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Empowering Health Literacy For All
October is Health Literacy Month! Join our panel of health literacy experts across backgrounds in health, art and business for a conversation around real-world applications of health literacy, their impacts and what you can do on an individual and organizational level to improve health outcomes. Hosted by LifeOmic, a precision health and wellness software company.

Oct 5, 2022 12:00 PM in Indiana (East)

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Shelagh Fraser, MD (Moderator)
Internal Medicine Physician and Chief Medical Officer @Priority Physicians and LifeOmic
Shelagh has a comprehensive understanding of the delivery of healthcare, having practiced internal medicine in academic, inpatient, traditional outpatient and direct primary care environments. She currently practices internal medicine at Priority Physicians, a direct primary care practice in Indianapolis. Shelagh not only has a passion for extending lifespan, but also for optimizing the healthspan of her patients. She encourages people to care about their own health. She combines her 25 years of clinical experience with a dedication to staying current with evidence-based advancements in medicine. Shelagh earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and medical degree from Yale University. She completed her residency training in internal medicine at the University of Washington - Seattle. After moving to Indianapolis, she was a National Research Service Award Fellow and earned a master’s degree as part of the Clinical Investigator Training Enhancement Program at the Regenstrief Institute.
Terri Y. McGuire
Physician Assistant, Public Health Professional and Health Literacy Consultant @eVolve Health and Wellness Community
She received her medical training at the Duke University Physician Assistant Program and Master of Public Health degree in Community Health Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science. She has over a decade of combined medical and public health experience. Her knowledge and skill set spans across various healthcare settings and community health initiatives. She is the Founder and CEO of eVolve Health and Wellness Community, a company committed to closing gaps in personal and organizational health literacy and advocating for people with marginalized identities in healthcare settings.
DiAn Augustus
Artist and Storyteller
Everything starts with a story. The story of DiAn, is a dynamic and ongoing saga that currently seats his character as an artist, storyteller, and holistic embodiment coach. He looks to his storytelling heritage as pedagogy when sharing information from his life experiences, folk medicine, or peer reviewed research. He's created thoughtful and holistic programs using active storytelling. He always includes visuals and self-guided activities to accommodate different learning styles when engaging in groups, or to customize the educational experience to an individual's needs in one on one sessions.
Russell Bennett
Strategy and Marketing Consultant @Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA)
Born in the U.S., lived in Mexico for 30 years, fully bi-lingual English/Spanish and bi-cultural Sharp Healthcare, San Diego: Director, Multicultural/International Services, 7 years U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission (DHHS): Founding Executive Director, 2 years UnitedHealthcare: Vice President/Founder Latino Health Solutions, and VP-Strategy, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH),16 years Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA): Consultant, Health Literacy, Strategy/Marketing, 4 years Regional Center for Border Health, Arizona: Consultant, Health literacy, Vaccine Confidence 2 years Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): Patient Engagement Advisory Panel Health care columnist in Spanish: Saludiario Medical Magazine, Mexico/Latin America
Michelle Paul
Lifeology Health Writer and Content Manager @LifeOmic
Michelle’s true passion has always been writing, but after working as a registered nurse for the better part of a decade, she’s combined that passion with a love for health education and literacy to ensure people and their communities are empowered to live healthy lives. After receiving a B.S. in Nursing from Weber State University, she immediately followed it with a post-baccalaureate certification in technical writing. Since then, she’s changed off working as either a hands-on nurse or health writer until joining the Lifeology content team at LifeOmic. In her free time, she enjoys photographing people and stars and traveling to new places.