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Get Creative with Food and Reduce your Waste
Get creative with food, reduce your waste and make the most of the food you already have in your pantry and fridge. Whether you are overstocked with food right now, or if you've run your cupboard bare trying to avoid the supermarkets, with some know-how and a little planning there are simple ways you can manage your kitchen, make the most of food scraps and leftovers and turn them into meals and more.

What you will learn:
- Menu planning tips for waste reduction;
- Food storage tips;
- How to maximise leftovers;
- Know the difference between ‘use-by’ and ‘best before’ dates;
- How to make vegetable stocks with food scraps;
- How to make vinegar with waste or 2nd quality fruit;
- Quick and easy ways to manage your kitchen in tough or busy times.

Jun 23, 2020 11:30 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Kirsty Bishop-Fox
Sustainability, Permaculture & Waste Minimisation Consultant, Educator & Speaker @Sustainable Pathways
Kirsty Bishop-Fox of Sustainable Pathways is a Sustainability Coach who works with individuals and businesses to reduce waste and improve sustainable practices. She is an environmentalist, permaculturarlist and an advocate for Zero Waste Victoria, leading education and advocacy initiatives to create a world with less waste.