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Webinar: Joget Prowess Showcase Using An e-Procurement Application
Featuring Joget Partner, Mokxa Technologies, you don’t want to miss this thought-provoking session as we bring you impressive LIVE Joget demos and disclose the secret to maximizing scalability in your bid management and the new ways to stimulate your RFI evaluation process with an integrated vendor database.

Join us to gain innovative insights that'll supercharge your existing workflows, or spark a new business initiative:
- Embrace Scalability in Bid Management: Rapidly set up reverse bid credentials and engage in real-time negotiations with vendors.
- Stimulate RFI & Proposal Evaluation: Supercharge Request For Inquiry (RFI) while executing bid invitation, evaluation & shortlisting at speed.
- Integrate & Streamline Vendor Database: Unify vendor onboarding processes with an integrated vendor database for effective and efficient decision-making.

Register today to hear from the Joget experts as we demonstrate the powerful platform capabilities that will make a significant change in today's business landscape.

Make sure you don't miss out, and we'll see you soon!


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Sudhir Saini
Regional Manager, Sales @Mokxa Technologies
Sudhir is a Regional Manager at Mokxa Technologies, covering sales for the Middle-East market. He is a firm believer in the no-code/low-code development platform for rapid application development, plugin, integration, and workflow management. His primary focus is centered around advising firms on how to improve their ROI and delivering innovative solutions to businesses. He helps in the digital transformation of enterprise apps in the least time in order to adapt to the latest technological challenges and trends.
Gurujot Singh
Software Developer @Mokxa Technologies
Gurujot is a Software Developer, based out of Canada, at Mokxa Technologies. He has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different customers in the areas of consulting, application development on the Joget platform, digital transformation and rapid solution delivery. As a Software Developer, he recognizes the value proposition of development in a no-code/low-code environment like Joget. Anyone ranging from Citizen Developers to seasoned IT Experts can rapidly create applications to solve real-life business needs at scale.
Aadrian Zarin
Senior Technical Consultant @Joget, Inc.
Aadrian is a Senior Technical Consultant at Joget and an avid fan of Joget DX. He is responsible for the training, consultancy and support of its products and customers. He has helped in conducting training and coached companies in South East Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Aadrian has contributed to the Joget community and worked on the Joget DX Knowledge Base. Prior to becoming a Technical Consultant, Aadrian worked as a Solutions Consultant that used Joget DX since version 4 for 8 years. With his prior experience in developing Joget DX applications and solutions in real-world settings, Aadrian is able to share his valuable experience, expertise and know-hows.