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Truth For Success Process
This is a process that has been developed to improve your quality of life, your levels of personal abundance, self-confidence and to allow greater harmony in all areas of your day to day life.

Your Etheric Blueprint Patterns are picked up from conception to three years of age from your parents and grandparents and from your planetary reality. This Etheric Blueprint creates your own personal three dimensional reality as it manifests everything programmed into you, just as a programmed computer chip works.

We place twelve very positive Patterns into your Etheric Blueprint which will allow you to live freely, spontaneously and with success, in all areas of your life.
It may take a few weeks for the new Patterns settle into your Etheric Blueprint and then into your reality.


* This is a live online process via Zoom webinar
* The process takes up to 90 minutes
* Have a pen and plenty of blank Printer Paper as you will be writing down your patterns
* The cost is USD 249 per person

Equivalent Session Times Each Week:
NZ (NZT Timezone): Thursday, 9am OR Sunday, 9am
USA (CST Timezone): Wednesday 4pm OR Saturday, 4pm
USA (EST Timezone): Wednesday 5pm OR Saturday, 5pm
RSA (SAST Timezone): Wednesday 10pm OR Saturday, 10pm

Alternative session times available on request.

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