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A Public Health Approach To The 4th Wave of the Opioid Epidemic
Join us on August 26 at 6 p.m. for a forum discussing a public health approach to substance use. We are hosting the forum, in collaboration with the Berkshire Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaborative, on Zoom and live streaming it in on our social media.

District Attorney Andrea Harrington is moderating the discussion featuring Dr. Daniel Ciccarone, professor and physician at UCSF, Drug and Alcohol Counselor Christopher Maschino, Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Neighborhood Revitalization Director Dubois Thomas, Syringe Access Program Manager North Adams Tapestry Samantha Kendall, Healthy Steps Harm Reduction Supervisor Sarah DeJesus, and Berkshire Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaborative Coordinator Jennifer Kimball.


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