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WITA’s Trade & Environment Series: Trading for Good
Along with renewed calls for action to address climate change at the WTO, APEC and the G20, the recently released U.S. 2021 trade agenda calls for new trade policies and initiatives to address the global climate crisis.

Please join WITA as our NextGenTrade® initiative brings together an expert panel to examine how we can increase trade in environmental goods, technologies and services through bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements.

Event to be held virtually on Zoom

WITA Webinar Featuring:

Maureen Hinman, Silverado Policy Accelerator, former Director for Environment and Natural Resources at the Office of the United States Trade Representative

Mark Linscott, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council/Senior Advisor, The Asia Group

Sarah Thorn, Senior Director, Global Government Affairs, Walmart

Ambassador Vangelis Vitalis, New Zealand Deputy Secretary Trade and Economic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


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