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Monday 8:30pm Est “After Everyone Got on My Nerves” Fitmom Fitness Situation
Every 1st and 2nd Monday is Zumba with Tee and every 3rd and 4th Monday is HIIT with Coach Niassa of Hourglass Fitness!

Equipment isn't required, however, if you do have equipment such as bands, ankle weights, etc. have them with you.

This is a beginner-friendly situation. If you are injured and need modification you can still join, Just please have doctor's orders on deck FIRST and ADHERE to ANY recommendations your medical team has in place for you.

FITMOM FITNESS SITUATION, LLC. and its affiliates WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OCCURED DURING CLASS. By joining you release liability from Fitmom Fitness, LLC and its affiliates!
Please choose only one webinar to attend.
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Please consult with your physician before workout out, especially if you have current or prior injuries. We will not be held liable for injuries nor sickness during your workout. If you have to modify, please listen to the modified version of the movement so that you can execute it. I will give those cues.
Please follow any recommendations your physician has for your care while working out. Again that supersedes my recommendations.