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Pleora Webinar: Deploying Hybrid AI to Reduce Inspection Costs
This live webinar hosted by Pleora Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Hou provides an overview on the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), with practical insight into how manufacturers and integrations can deploy advanced inspection capabilities within existing systems and processes. The webinar will cover:

• What is the difference between AI, machine learning, and deep learning?
• Where does AI offer advantages within inspection applications? Learn how a “hybrid approach” that integrates AI with existing vision algorithms, infrastructure, and end-user processes reduces costs and complexity.
• How will AI influence future manufacturing processes, with a specific focus on cloud collaboration, the value of data, and the ability to implement global quality standards.
• We will close the session with a real-world customer case study, covering their challenges, concerns, and how they are beginning to adopt AI in retrofit and secondary screening systems for vision inspection applications.

Attendees will leave the session with insight into how to cost-effectively deploy new AI capabilities to help reduce costs and errors in inspection applications.


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