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Owning Our Future - Owning Your Competitive Edge
The future of tech will include more of us than ever before. Though overall representation of Black professionals, founders, and operators in tech is stagnant, our footprint on the evolution of the industry grows year after year.

As a follow up from our Juneteenth event, we're bringing together 4 of the leading voices in the tech and start-up scene. This time the discussion is focused on how general partners evaluate a start ups competitive edge.

Chris Lyons, Candice Matthews Brackeen, Charles Hudson, and Jewel Burks Solomon are headlining as they talk about their investment philosophy, and the scorecard they use to evaluate whether a founder is primed to thrive in the future of tech.

Owning Our Future is specific, but not exclusive, to black identifying people. Allies are welcome, but note that there is limited space before signing up.


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