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EFCG Webinar Series: Preparing for a Recession
We look forward to connecting with you during our January EFCG Webinar Series!

Presenter: Andreas Georgoulias, EFCG Director of International
Date & Time: Wednesday, January 15th from 2 pm – 3pm ET / 11 am – 12 pm PT

During the last recession, expected revenue growth of AEC firms was wiped out, while EBIBTA almost halved. Firms that weren’t prepared had to either lay off their staff and close offices, borrow, or even consider an outright sell of the company. However, firms that followed a set of specific strategies came out stronger, captured significant market share, and outperformed their peers.

It is hard to forecast the timing of the next recession, but there seems to be a consensus in the A/E/C industry that a market downturn is likely. Firms can draw valuable insights from the experience of past recessions to be better prepared to address forthcoming economic downturns and emerge as winners in the next economic cycle.

This webinar will present EFCG's analysis on historic trends in the A/E/C industry, shedding light on how firms navigated the last recession. Participants will learn about the factors and strategies that distinguished firms that performed best during the last recession, as well as actionable recommendations they can implement now to be able to address the next downturn in a timely and effective manner.

Discussion topics:
1. Why is it important to be prepared for a recession?
2. What distinguished top performers from low performers during the last recession?
3. What strategies did top performers implement before, during, and after the last recession?
4. What actions can your firm take now to be best prepared for the next economic downturn?

Questions? Please contact Vishal Menon at vmenon@efcg.com.


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