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Future Of Water-Glycol Cooling In Electric Vehicles
• Trends and challenges in BEV thermal management
• Architectural choices of fluids and systems – how does a low e-conductive coolant fit in
• Low e-conductive glycol based coolants: contesting immersive cooling as default answer to energy density, charging speed, cost and safety!
• The importance of CAB brazing flux compensation
• The ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘now’ of a glycol based coolant with low electrical conductivity
• Where is such a coolant situated vs other glycol based coolants


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Ed Eaton
US OEM Support Representative @Arteco
Ed Eaton is Arteco’s US OEM Support Representative, he has 38 years of engine coolant research, development and technical support experience. He obtained an ASTM Award of Merit Recipient for contributions to engine coolant standards and wrote several patents relating to engine coolants.
Sander Clerick
Development Chemist e-Mobility @Arteco
Sander Clerick obtained in 2017 a PhD in Chemistry at the Ghent University and is is author of multiple patents which have led to 2 dedicated products developed so far. He is Development Chemist in the R&D department of Arteco, taking the lead in development of e-Mobility coolants.