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Upscaling Processes For New Battery Raw Materials From Laboratory Into Industrial Production
• Onejoon – a global player in the battery raw material processing
• Production equipment – a considerable factor for the batteries lifetime sustainability
• From lab into industrial size production: It takes broad process experience to define the right steps from lab through validation into production
• Kilns for Cathode Active material: Pusher and Roller kilns - challenges and advantages
• Kilns for Anode Material: choosing from a wide range of modular furnace solutions, customized to meet specific process requirements
• The right concept for the right process – Comparison between rotary furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces and tube furnaces
• Experience matters: building a tight cooperation between the furnace builder and the raw material producer to reach a fast and smooth transition into large scale production
• Test center and Simulation: Combination of production scale tests and supporting CFD and FEM simulations for an efficient scale up


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