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Ask the Recruiter: How to Get a Better Job in the Meetings Industry
Industry experts share the latest research and insights on rewards and motivation.

From March 2020, when available meetings jobs disappeared, to today, where candidates are asking for — and sometimes getting — higher salaries and/or creative benefits, the meetings industry's job market has kept planners on their toes as they look for new positions. In this webinar, Dawn Penfold, president of Meetingjobs.com, a division of Cadre.com, will share insights into what hiring officials are looking for and what planners are asking for.

We will discuss:

• How do you attract and retain talent in our industry in 2022?
• What are the candidates asking for and what are realistic expectations on both sides?
• What is the laundry list of new benefit expectations?
• Is being flexible within your corporation an option?
• Where do you find the jobs and where do you find the talent?
• Why can't I find a coordinator-level person with one- to three-years' experience?


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