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Innovative TPU Applications In Footwear - Fiber, Leather And Non-Woven
• Benefits of sustainable TPU portfolio for footwear
• Soft TPU and 3D printed TPU for new footwear applications
• Advantages of TPU from a designer perspective


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Wilson Chan
Head of Business Development @Covestro TPU APAC
Wilson Chan joined the TPU business journey since 2000. He witnessed the change of TPU from elastomer for niche applications to nowadays important polymer for diversified applications in various industries, for example, footwear, consumer electronic, film and sheets, cable, etc. He is optimistic about the continuous growth of TPU in the future, especially in the area of sustainability.
Dr Ryan Lin
Business Development Manager @Covestro TPU APAC
Dr Ryan Lin graduated from National Taiwan University as a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2014. He joined Covestro in 2016 as a senior R&D researcher and he is specialized in functional molecule design such as bio-based or shock absorption TPUs. Starting from 2021, Dr. Ryan Lin became a business development manager of Covestro TPU APAC and is responsible for sustainable projects. He is passionate about circular economy and the related technologies
Leo Ma
Business Development @Covestro
Leo Ma joined the TPU journey since 2001. He experienced TPU business through take part in different functions: sales, technical support, technical development, business development. He understand TPU applications in different industries, especially footwear, he knows most of famous athletic shoe brands well, and also key molders.