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TechCast Days: Machine Learning Day (3 Sessions)
Who wins? Lightsabers vs. Phasers? Luke Skywalker vs. Captain Kirk? The Dark side of the Force vs. Klingons and Romulans? Yoda vs. Spock?! These nagging questions keep our ML experts up at night. Come hear our ML speakers talk about the newest ML space weapon, AutoML, how the UK NHS formed a Federation of Data Analysts and a Data Analytics Learning Lab (DALL) and hear a lively panel of expert discuss the “BEST” way to get started with Oracle Machine Learning. You need to attend to learn how to survive and to thrive in these future ML space wars.

Session 1:
10am ET | “Oracle machine Learning: What's New and Coming Soon (Charlie Berger)

Session 2:
11am ET | 6 Lessons Learned from NHSBSA’s Data Analytics Lab (Phil Godfrey)

Session 3:
12pm ET | Experts Panel Discussion: What is the BEST Way to Get Started with Oracle Machine Learning?


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