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Novel Effect Author Spotlight: The Fabulous Josh Funk!
Novel Effect fans and educators across the globe have been asking for webinars that feature beloved and dynamic children's authors...so ohhhh boy, do we have an awesome treat for you!

Josh Funk is a software engineer by day, and a brilliantly talented children's author by...well, by the rest of the day and night! Josh has written at least 20 children's books that delight, educate, amuse, and entertain kids (and adults) of all ages.

Josh will be telling us about his books and how his ideas somehow become storytelling magic when they fly out of his brain and land on pages. Speaking of magic, Josh LOVES using Novel Effect to bring read-alouds to life, and we'll be adding a new soundscape for one of his books especially for this webinar! Which book, you may wonder... Well, we hope you'll tune in to find out and hear Josh read it aloud to us all for the very FIRST time!

All participants will receive a professional development certificate, and 3 lucky attendees will be chosen at random to receive a special prize bundle from Novel Effect (a 1-year premium subscription, a Bluetooth speaker, a book bundle to use with your Novel Effect app, and some stickers!)


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