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The Real Lab of the Future! Remote Access Robotic Controlled Compound Synthesis
Strateos, a pioneer in the development of remote access laboratories and lab control software for life science research, has expanded its chemistry solutions by integrating with the PerkinElmer Informatics Signals™ Notebook electronic lab notebook. The combined platform enables small molecule compound design and synthesis, and purification workflows. By supporting early lead generation, chemists are able to quickly explore synthesis and structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies around selected scaffolds and efficiently progress to the next round of synthesis and screening..

The combined platform integrates chemistry and biology and as a result scientific organizations now have access to a variety of new technologies that offer faster cycle times than traditional labs.

The webinar will reveal the following:

· Strateos' remote access fleet of lab automation modules, speeds the design-make-test-analyze cycle and generates clean, AI-enabled data.

· On-demand automated compound synthesis and purification workflow support early lead generation phases when chemists want to quickly explore synthesis and support structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies.

· The integration of the PerkinElmer Signals Notebook with Strateos’ powerful automated synthesis system facilitates the efficient synthesis of drug-like compounds

· How leading scientific organizations use the Strateos SmartLab Platform™ for robotically controlled compound synthesis.


10-Minute Industry Overview and Introductions

50-Minute Presentations from Strateos and PerkinElmer

30-Minutes of Q&A


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