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Thermal Management Optimization For The Future Of Battery Designs
• Looking for solutions to improve EV charging speed, cold weather performance and battery reliability –all at a controlled cost? Working with a collaborative partner who understands your needs is key!
• Get an inside perspective on the DuPont global Center of Excellence for thermal management and how it can help you accelerate development and testing of solutions for EVs.
• We offer formulation and testing equipment to facilitate a fast-paced development process, can expand small sample tests to module-scale testing and can collaborate across regions, functions and businesses.
• Our COE has pilot-scale capabilities and uses the same methodologies as OEMs and tiers, including scale-up pilot plant capability and application testing (electrical, safety, thermal, mechanical).


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Christophe van Herreweghe
Global Marketing Director @DuPont
Christophe van Herreweghe, Global Strategic Marketing Director at DuPont, is responsible for driving innovation and global business development focused on advanced mobility solutions. His ability to understand and identity strategic market initiatives and opportunities has resulted in enabling customers to successfully position and execute the targeted solutions they need today, while also working toward development of future technology. He is based in Ghent, Belgium.
Dr. Sergio Grunder
Scientist @DuPont
Dr. Sergio Grunder, Scientist, works in the research and development group for automotive adhesives and thermal interface materials at DuPont. His primary focus is on helping meet the growing demands from OEMs and their customers for EV batteries that are safer, more durable and have longer range. Sergio’s experience is backed by 26 patent filings and his proven ability to drive the global development of innovative applications for tomorrow’s electric and hybrid electric vehicles, notably automotive adhesives and thermal interface materials critical to safety and service life. He is based in Zurich, Switzerland.
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