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Summer TCDays: Spatial and Machine Learning
Location analytics and maps can uncover valuable insights that may be hidden in your data. And when complemented with machine learning models and techniques, that’s a powerful combination for making better predictions and data-driven decisions. With built-in spatial and ML features, Oracle Database makes it easy to harness these analytics, whether you’re a developer or business analyst. See low code tools like Spatial Studio and Application Express in action to solve everyday business problems.

Charge Me Up! Using Oracle Spatial, ML, Analytics, and APEX for Finding Optimal Charge Points
Presented by: Jim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing

Smart Airports, On-Time Departure Machine Learning Solution on Oracle Cloud
Presented by: Olivier Dubois, Oscars S.A.

Building an Open Network Connectivity Model to Enable The Clean Energy Transition
Presented by: Ken Korsmit, Spatial Eye

Leverage Location in Machine Learning with Oracle Autonomous Database and Python
Presented by: David Lapp, Oracle


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