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Mobile-First Insight Communities: 4 Pillars That Maximize Your Agility, Budget & Impact
Insight communities and research panels remain one of the most popular tools in market research today. And with the impending death of third-party cookies, communities could play a bigger role in helping insight and marketing leaders get first-party data on consumer attitudes, behaviors and opinions.

But to make a bigger impact with insight communities, we have to re-examine how we use this tool. We have to use techniques and technologies that align with consumer expectations and deliver the depth and breadth of insights that stakeholders and business leaders need to make better decisions.

Join Rival Technologies in this action-packed webinar to learn how to:

• Deliver a member-first approach that increase engagement, lower sample and recruitment costs, and capture deeper, more candid feedback
• Run quant and self-guided qual studies seamlessly without increasing your current community budget
• Save time and resources by rethinking outdated techniques like Member Hubs and newsletters
• Increase your strategic capacity by leveraging integrated support from insight community experts
• Get more visibility and improve storytelling using video testimonials, mobile toplines and other innovative deliverables from your community

Jennifer Reid, President and Chief Methodologist, Rival Technologies
Eileen Campbell, Co-founder and Executive Chair, Rival Group


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