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30,000 Conversations: Hybrid Work Research Briefing
Since launching 12 months ago in the middle of the pandemic, Imperative has hosted over 30,000 peer coaching conversations. Employees from dozens of partner companies like Hasbro, Zillow, and Boston Scientific have shared what’s working and what’s clearly not working during the course of their conversations. We’ve aggregated and anonymized all of that valuable input in order to provide you with the insights you need to design the new workplace operating model at your organization.

Join Aaron Hurst, leading workplace futurist, researcher, and co-founder of Imperative for a research briefing and conversation about what we uncovered, including Imperative’s roadmap to help companies manage and innovate their employee experience and culture in the new world of work.

After this webinar, you'll walk away with:

-Insight into the new, breakthrough research from a wide sample of employees at innovative companies
-Key takeaways from one of the largest qualitative and quantitative data sets around hybrid work
-Building blocks for how to create an innovative employee experience and culture strategy for 2022 and beyond


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