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MDM Webcast: Your E-commerce Plan is Not Enough: Strategies to Increase Digital Orders in 2021
While e-commerce projects consume the attention of many CEOs, it is only one piece of what needs to be a more comprehensive strategy. The real battles for customer engagement, service and seamless experience will be won across several digital fronts and forms of digital order management. Join MDM CEO Tom Gale in a conversation with Christian Wiltrout, COO of SureWerx and Ray Grady, CEO of Conexiom as they discuss the latest tactics to stay ahead of customers in 2021.

Key takeaways:
• The new definition of digital orders 
• Risks and rewards associated with digital orders 
• Why an e-commerce site isn’t your only path to creating digital orders 
• How to achieve digital order goals without forcing your customers to change their behavior
• How to view the five fronts of digital: e-commerce, e-procurement, marketplace, EDI, email

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