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Building Wealth Through a 1031 Exchange
Are you selling a property in the near future? If so are you considering a 1031 Exchange? There are a number of reasons to explore this tax code and how it can keep more of your hard-earned money working for you. Join national 1031 exchange experts Kevin G. Long and Zachary Kramer as we discuss the strategies to deploy in utilizing section 1031 tax strategies to build wealth.

Items that will be presented:
- The role of a Qualified Intermediary
- Like-kind, what is it?
- What actually qualifies in a 1031 exchange
- Strategies to shelter your wealth from taxation
- Strategies to grow your wealth - Tax-deferred/free
- Strategies to create generational wealth
- Powerful replacement property opportunities

Millcreek Commercial has created a way for anyone to invest in commercial real estate. You can enjoy the benefits of safety, security, and stability in your investment portfolio while creating a true form of passive income. We purchase all of our properties debt-free and enable investors to buy a portion of the real estate. Our properties are 1031 exchange approved.

Have questions about 1031 Exchanges? At the end of this presentation our exchange experts, Kevin Long, and Zachary Kramer will answer your questions live.



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