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EV Battery Simulation, Accurately Predicting Performance & State Of Health
• Design the electric vehicle battery that exceeds performance target for driving range, fast charging, acceleration, durability, passenger comfort and safety, and yet cost-competitive in the market.
• Design and evaluate innovative cooling system that will provide the best thermal environment for battery longevity, vehicle performance, passenger comfort, while optimizing the overall vehicle thermal efficiency.
• Design battery packs that are lightweight and cost-effective, yet strong and durable, by optimizing the battery pack structure design and validate the strength against the toughest driving condition on the road.
• Ensure safety of the battery, even under the most extreme conditions, including extreme temperatures and crash events, and ensure that the passengers and first responders are always safe.
• Deliver safer and more reliable electric vehicles with Dassault Systemes electric vehicle workflows powered by 3DEXPERIENCE platform


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