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Meeting the Rising Tide of Demand and Opportunity in the Middle East
The topics we will be discussing:
• What are the major evolving market trends and strategic developments that the private wealth industry is witnessing and predicting for the future?
• What are the new “must haves” in a bank’s products and services offerings? Or has there not been any need to really change the product and service mix in the last 12 months?
• With the impact of the pandemic, have banks seen their UHNWI clients, some of whom are no doubt getting elderly, show more interest in succession planning?
• Where are the key areas of focus for digital investment in tools and solutions, and why, and how much progress has the wealth industry made in its digital journey to date?
• Is the wealth industry in the GCC managing to attract private clients from around the world, or are they still heading to the major European and Asian centres?
• What are the vital elements of the regional wealth management proposition that need to be further developed and nurtured?
• Who are the winners and losers in the current and anticipated environment? The global private banks, the international boutique private banks, the wealth arms of the regional Middle East banks, the IAMs/EAMs? And why?
• What do Middle East clients expect of their providers in the region? More products? Better advice? DPM? Estate & Succession planning? In short, where is the need, the demand and the growth?

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