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Back to basics: Using a spatial index to find the nearest pub
Nowadays it's easier than ever to analyze geospatial data, whether it be addresses, coordinates, or other location information, either using plain SQL, or Spatial Studio for non-experts who want to use a visual user interface instead of coding. In this session, we'll show, step by step, an example of how to find the nearest pub, using just a simple data set and an Oracle Database.

Albert Godfrind has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying IT applications. His interest and enthusiasm for spatial information and geographical information systems started at Oracle when he started using the spatial extensions of the Oracle database in 1998. Ever since, Albert has been evangelizing the use of spatial information to GIS and BI communities across Europe, consulting with partners and customers, speaking at conferences, and designing and delivering in-depth technical training.

Albert is one of the authors of the first book on Oracle Spatial, “Pro Oracle Spatial - The essential guide to developing spatially enabled business applications”.


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