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Advances In Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulated Materials For E-Mobility Applications
Plastics are often used in electric components. For these materials, many requirements such as mechanical properties, temperature capability, flammability, thermal conductivity, and mold ability, among others, are considered in their selection. In addition, electrical resistance is required to isolate the system for safety reasons. In general, plastics are good electric isolators (electrically safe) but poor conductors of heat compared to metals.

In response to this challenge, work in developing Thermally Conductive Electrically Insulated (TCEI) materials has become an important focus for use in E-Mobility applications. Fillers play an important role in material properties of plastics, and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, with its expertise in filled polymeric systems, has developed multiple new grades of TCEI materials that demonstrate improved conductivity over commercially available choices. The company has quantified the thermal conductivity of these novel materials using a unique finite element model to capture the effect of material choice on temperatures within systems. The model incorporates material orientation and also evaluates effect of air gap between components. Results show that materials with improved thermal conductivity can significantly reduce temperatures in applications.
• Plastic grade materials that improve thermal management for temperature control and maintain electrical resistance for safety.
• TCEI (Thermal Conductive Electrically Isolating) grades offer significant improvements in temperature control in E-Mobility applications.
• FST advanced modeling techniques can evaluate application design and material impacts on temperatures to address critical hot spots that can occur.
• E-motor applications such as bobbins and slot liners have shown significant temperature reduction using these new TCEI materials.


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Ray L. Szparagowski
Technical Director, Automotive and High Performance Plastics, Global Fluid Power Division @Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
Ray L. Szparagowski is the Technical Director of Automotive and High Performance Plastics (HPP) for the Global Fluid Power Division at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Specializing in HPP developments, Szparagowski is responsible for engineering and technical development at multiple global facilities. Szparagowski has held various roles within the company’s Global Fluid Power Division, most recently as engineering fellow in Freudenberg’s lead automotive facility in Findlay, Ohio. Szparagowski is a Lean Systems Black Belt and has completed numerous research, product design and technical achievements. Szparagowski earned his Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich.
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