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Music Ed 2.0 - Ready or Not, Here We Grow!
Presented by Lesley Moffat | Sponsored by The mPowered Music Educator Academy

Not being able to play music in traditional ensemble settings has been devastating for student musicians and teachers around the world...and the music programs in our schools.

The future of our programs depend on how we handle the next few months as our students are deciding what classes to take next year, but where do you start?

Come to this session and get proven strategies for (re)building your program in a way that supports your own and your students' social and emotional needs so you can get back to making music.

Without strong social and emotional connections, kids are far less likely to sign up for music classes, and they need music now more than ever!

Attendees will receive a FREE copy of Love the Job, Lose the Stress: Successful Social and Emotional Learning in the Modern Music Classroom. This best selling book is the complete guide to identifying and addressing your students' social and emotional needs and gives you the tools you need to usher them into Music Ed 2.0 in spite of all the challenges ahead.



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