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Historic Preservation in Arlington: What’s worthy? What’s not? Who decides?
From the old Wilson School in Rosslyn to the Febrey-Lothrop-Rouse Estate in Dominion Hills, from modest, but dated, shopping strips on Columbia Pike to aging, yet affordable, bungalows across the County, “old” Arlington is vanishing before our eyes. But at what price to our community and sense of place comes this accelerated “progress”?

Hear from our panel of experts as we discuss the state of historic preservation in Arlington, how the County might do a better job of facilitating a harmonious coexistence between the old and new, and ways we can remember our shared history while looking ahead.

Cynthia Liccese-Torres, Coordinator, Arlington County Historic Preservation Program

Robert Nieweg, Vice President, Preservation Services and Outreach, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Richard Woodruff, Chairman, Arlington County Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board

Annual Meeting Notice:
As part of this evening, we will also be hosting our Annual Meeting at the beginning of the program.

The Nominating Committee intends to nominate the following for election as officers and directors at the meeting: Gerry Laporte as Chair; Lizzette Arias as Vice-Chair; Jeanne Broyhill as Secretary; Tamon Honda as Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee intends to nominate additional non-officer directors at or before the meeting. Please reach out to Lizzette Arias, secretary of the board with any questions at lizzettea@gmail.com.


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