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Nigeria Fish Futures
WorldFish in collaboration with Aquaculture Africa Magazine will gather research leaders, government ministers and key investors to launch a new book called ‘Nigeria Fish Futures’. It tells the story of Nigeria’s rapidly growing population and how fish and aquatic foods offer new opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and access to nutritious diets.
During the webinar, WorldFish’s Project Lead for Sustainable Aquaculture based in Nigeria, Rohana Subasinghe, will give an overview of the book, building on the current understanding of Nigeria’s emerging aquaculture sector and highlighting recommendations to enhance the nation’s food production systems through capacity building and aquaculture innovations.
Following that will be a panel discussion with key partners of the research publication, including USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and Nigeria Government's Department of Fisheries (DoF). Together, they will explore the challenges and opportunities of making nutritious fish more accessible and affordable to the rural poor and future investment plans to facilitate the inclusive growth of the aquaculture sector in Nigeria.


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