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How to Kick the Over-Parenting Habit
Wish your kids were happier or more social? The solution may be simpler than you think!
Let Grow President, Lenore Skenazy, chats with Nancy McDermott, author of "The Problem with Parenting" about the unintended consequences of pushing parents to "optimize" their kids' lives.


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Nancy McDermott
Author, Speaker, Online Community Leader
Raised as an "army brat,” Nancy has lived in 10 different States and 3 foreign countries. She is the former chair of https://www.parkslopeparents.com/, one of the first and largest online forums for parents, and is an affiliate of the Centre for Parenting Studies at the University of Kent. But...she doesn't have a British accent. Her books and published essays include: The Problem with Parenting: How Raising Children is Changing Across America, 2020; "The Tyranny of Parenting Science" (Standing up to Supernanny, 2009);"The New Face of Early Childhood in the United States" (International Perspectives on Education and Care, 2013).