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CX for Charities: 3 ways to deliver better supporter experiences
Supporters’ expectations are changing and the bar for digital experiences is higher than ever. In the face of this challenge, deciding which element of the experience to focus on improving can sometimes be overwhelming for charities, especially when resources are limited.

In this session we’ll discuss what we believe are the three areas charities should prioritise to succeed on the CX battleground. Whilst there will be a focus on the digital domain, the concepts to be discussed extend across all channels of engagement.

Focus is generally driven by business objectives, with stakeholders responsible for delivering against these frequently making decisions in silo. Data is often collected without its true potential being realised. The same can be said for technology solutions, which are procured with immense feature lists, many of which are never used. All of this is frequently done without adequate consideration of what really matters to the most important user – the donor, fundraiser or supporter.

• Learn how to use customer journey mapping to understand supporter needs and make improvements to key journeys.
• Understand what can (and should) be measured, and how to use this data to improve your fundraising activities.
• Understand how prioritising inclusivity and accessibility can expand your charity's reach and deliver the best experience for supporters.

The session will run from 09:30-10:30.


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