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Integrating Data Silos with Linked Data in Oracle Database
Many organizations face the frustration that several existing data silos, each serving departmental operations, are needed to create a 360 view of their target object.Using data warehouse technology for such federated queries can be difficult. Most data are fetched from the source without ever being queried. Other challenges include uncontrollable data structure drift on the source side. Linked Data can address this challenge, using the W3C standard technology of RDF Graph.

Different data sources, containing different data types, such as asset descriptions or geographical information, can be linked in the same graph. Bringing in multiple data sources, different views on this data can be provided – depending on which application is accessing your data.

This session will feature a demo of this in action, using sewage management data from the Netherlands, developed by Redforce, a leading Dutch IT consultancy firm. We will show how Oracle Database technologies, including the mature RDF Graph features, were used in the solution.

In the live demo, we will show how to
1. Get a 360-degree view on a data set aggregated from different sources
2. Work with geospatial data on a map interface, integrated using the GeoSPARQL standard
3. Apply data changes and display them in real-time across different applications
4. Use the underlying ontology as a model to generate the application
5. Integrate with front ends like a digital assistant/chatbot, and exchange data with 3rd party applications

This session expands on October’s Graph Demo Day presentation, to show and deep dive into additional features we didn’t have time to cover at that session.


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