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Using Journey Mapping and Orchestration to Optimize Customer Communications
Consumers today expect a personalized communications experience across physical and digital touchpoints, rather than having a fragmented and unfulfilled communication journey. During times of uncertainty, reaching your customers with the right information at the right time on the right channel is critically important. With Customer Experience (CX) on the rise, it is imperative to gain a clear understanding of your communications portfolio, and which touchpoints need improvement. It is vital for every organization to understand their key customer journeys like onboarding and claims, and to collaborate across multiple functions to optimize the communication touchpoints along those journeys.

Mapping those journeys is a start, but companies really need to understand the key metrics across the interactions and use Machine Learning and real-time decisioning to optimize the journeys and lead to real positive business outcomes.

Quadient technology and proven methodologies can help you learn how to build experiences that lead to breaking down silos and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Attend this webinar where experts from Quadient and Kitewheel will:
• Explain the methodology of customer journey map and how organizations can use them to identify pain points a customer experiences with interactions made across physical and digital touchpoints
• Explain how to keep a customers’ needs first when developing actionable journey maps
• Show approaches to support collaboration among business, marketing, IT, and operations groups to support continuous improvement in communications
After this webinar, you will understand the benefits of journey mapping and orchestration, leading to an omnichannel communications platform that facilitates collaboration using the latest CX concepts.


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