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How industry is solving the HFSS dilemma
According to our research, only a third of businesses can identify the new HFSS rules, and 1 in 4 don’t know how the legislation will impact their business. Whether you’re a manufacturer, brand, wholesaler or retailer, it is critical that you’re not caught off guard by this new legislation.

To help tackle some of this uncertainty and to ensure a smooth transition come October, retailers have come together to offer an industry solution to the HFSS dilemma.

To shed some light on the solution, our resident HFSS expert, Dan Sands, is running a short webinar to give an overview of everything you need to know about HFSS. During this webinar Dan will provide insight on:
• The impact HFSS will have on the retail industry
• Why having accurate product information is vital to navigate the new legislation
• Why retailers have collaborated to develop an industry wide solution and how you can access this solution
• What actions you need to take ahead of the legislation coming into effect this October


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