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Mondays in Microbiology: Greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture
Join us online for exciting talks on Greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture

Chairpersons: Associate Professor, Mette Burmølle and Professor, Carsten Suhr Jacobsen


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Carsten Suhr Jacobsen
Professor and Head of Department of Environmental Sciences @Aarhus University, RISØ Campus
Presentation: “Nitrification – a niche microbial process impacting GHG production – a mRNA study”
Anne Winding
Professor @Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University
Presentation: "Effects of greenhouse gas emission mitigation measures on soil microorganisms"
Anders Priemé
Professor @Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen
Presentation: "Spatial and temporal variations of nitrous oxide emissions in coffee agroforestry systems in Costa Rica"
Søren O. Petersen
Professor @Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University
Presentation: "Microbial controls of methane and nitrous oxide emissions in agroecosystems"