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DEBATE: The Oil & Gas industry cannot attract the right talent
into oil and gas exploration in 2017 was at its lowest since records began in 2012, having fallen by 61% in four years. As concerns abound around the future for large discoveries, the role of the energy transition and continued hurdles around CAPEX, what does the future hold for the next generation of job seekers?

• How can the oil & gas industry compete with other sectors to avoid suffering a brain drain?
• How can the industry re-invent itself in order to attract the calibre of talent it needs?
• What lessons can be learnt from the work culture during COVID 19 – can a new way of working help attract and keep more women in the industry?
• What incentives will encourage the right talent to join the Oil & Gas industry
• In light of the recent BLM campaign, what has the response been from the oil & gas industry and what can be done to increase diversity?


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