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Design of Large Diameter Pipes with Geopolymers - Large Scale Testing and Engineering
Over the past decade cementitious spray applied mortar linings have gained increasing popularity due to their competitive cost structure for large diameter pipe rehabilitation as well as other installation considerations. However, the engineering community, and especially bodies such as ASCE, ASTM and others, have yet to define a standard design methodology. This paper reviews the increasingly large number of scientific studies that have been conducted to reline existing pipe structures and determine a proper design method. The test data from five different engineering studies is analyzed. The experimental methods of each study are reviewed, and the limitations for each set of data are noted. Straightforward conservative design methodologies are presented and compared to the failure modes for each pipe type based on the material properties of the sprayed liner system and form a consensus on the design method. The results are also compared to a CANDE finite element model.


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Joe Royer, PhD
Vice President R&D @GeoTree Solutions
Joe Royer is the Vice President of R&D for ClockSpring|NRI and GeoTree Solutions, the producer of GeoSpray Mortar. Joe has written numerous papers and presented design details for structural pipe rehabilitation systems using geopolymer mortars. In addition to this structural knowledge, he has supervised installations in the U.S., South America, Canada, Hong Kong and Eastern Europe.