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The Rapidly Evolving World of FinTech, Robo, AI, ML, Data, Analytics & Digital Solutions
• What needs to take place before banks and asset management firms decide on their priorities?
• Where should the investment be focused? Back-end, middle or front-end?
• How do the banks and other WM players decide between the many different FinTech solutions and firms competing for their attention?
• How can robo, AI, and ML boost the skills of the RMs and the experience of the end clients?
• How will the industry leverage mainstream and alternative data and enhanced analytics to drive personalization and relevance?
• In which segments are all these developments vital – mass affluent, HNW, UHNW or all the above?
• What are the key dangers of getting this wrong?
• Who is winning the race to state-of-the-art digital wealth management?


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