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Why a Prosthodontist Bought a "Yomi Robot" With His Oral Surgeon
Join Dr. Don Tillery and Dr. Sundeep Rawal to learn how a surgeon and a prosthodontist have embraced this technology. Robotic-assisted dental implant surgery will be explained, initial data from nearly two years of implementation will be presented, and discussion will center around the team approach on how collaboration with the use of this technology enhances patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:
I Define robotic-assisted dental implant surgery.
II Compare and contrast robotic-assisted dental implant surgery to other forms of navigational implant surgery.
III Examine initial accuracy and implementation data since adoption of robotic-assisted dental implant surgery.
IV Highlight the benefits of utilizing robotic-assisted dental surgery to offer patients predictable outcomes through pre- and intra-operative collaboration.

One CE will be provided. Cost: Free


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