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It's Not Just You: Navigating Mental Health in the Industry
Work hard. Play hard. Repeat. There are a lot of fun times and rewarding opportunities in our industry, but we also know that the restaurant industry has been named as one of the unhealthiest when it comes to mental health and wellness. In particular, the events of the last two years -- and the unique ways that they have impacted the restaurant and hospitality community -- have highlighted the need for mental health awareness and accessible mental health care for restaurant workers.

In this free webinar with our partners at Khesed Wellness, we will provide an overview of what we're talking about when we talk about mental health in restaurants, set in the context of current events and the unique dynamics of the industry. We will encourage personal exploration of mental health, explore practical steps for navigating mental health needs and conversations in the workplace, and identify affordable, accessible resources for mental health care that you can begin pursuing immediately. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

With increased awareness and confidence around the subject of mental health, we can create an industry that thrives.


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