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Cybersecurity Challenges for Natural Gas Operations
Two hour free 100% virtual workshop: As computer controlled critical energy infrastructure, Natural Gas operations systems are under constant threats of cybersecurity attacks from bad actors. These threats range from simple ransomware attacks from opportunistic criminals to sophisticated attacks from nation states. This workshop examines the challenges Natural Gas operations have hardening their systems to such threats. The workshop will be divided into two panel discussions – one to present a view of modern cybersecurity issues from experts at Colorado State University; and one to present cybersecurity challenges that are specific to the nature of Natural Gas operations.
Moderator: Jerry Duggan, Smart Village Microgrid Lab Manager, Energy Institute at Colorado State University
• Stephen Hayne, Deputy Director, Colorado Center for Cyber Security, Colorado State University
• Indrakshi Ray, Full Professor, Computer Science Department, Colorado State University
• Craig Partridge, Department Chair, Computer Science, Colorado State University

Moderator: Matt Manning, Senior Program Manager, Gas Technology Institute
• Niyo Little Thunder Pearson, Sr., Supervisor – Cybersecurity/Cyber Operations, ONE Gas
• David Balenson, Senior Computer Scientist, SRI International


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