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Complying with Fannie Mae and Bank Guidelines for Funding Your Next Capital Project
After the tragic Surfside condo collapse in Florida, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made a number of changes to their lending requirements for associations. Understanding and meeting these new obligations is crucial for boards and managers to secure funding for major capital projects, and for replenishing their reserves once the work is complete. In this informative conversation, legal and financial experts will explain Fannie and Freddie's lending guidelines and disclosure requirements, discuss replacement reserves, and offer tips on how your board-management team can formulate a clear, viable strategy for getting capital improvements done.

Sponsored by: Czarnowski & Beer LLP


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Avi Zanjirian
CPA, Partner @Czarnowski & Beer LLP
Avi Zanjirian builds and secures clientele for Czarnowski & Beer. He has brought technology and operational efficiencies to C&B that allow the firm to focus on the “big picture” audit.
Kenneth R. Jacobs
Partner @Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP
Kenneth R. Jacobs oversees the real estate and co-op/condo practice at Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP. In addition to his extensive cooperative and condominium practice, he has over 30 years of experience in commercial leasing, mortgage financing, offering plans, and transactional real estate. As a result, Ken has a solid understanding of the interests of all parties in condominium operations, including how to establish and maintain a stable, confident community association.