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You're Configuring and Managing Your Data Backups All Wrong - And How to Fix It!
When was the last time you really analyzed your clients' data backup configurations from each local endpoint and cloud platform to your managed data stores? And how often do you test and demonstrate your ability to restore your clients' data or business continuity in case of data loss or a ransomware attack for your peace of mind, as well as theirs?

In today's high-risk, litigious business environment, it's more important than ever to reduce your clients' risks and your own. As an MSP, your business risk is much greater now from lawsuits brought on behalf of attorneys and insurance companies representing the clients you serve than it has ever been.

This webinar focuses squarely on the technical strategies and actions you should consider in analyzing and modifying your overall data backup strategy. From planning to configuration, monitoring, testing, storing, and reporting to confirm your ability to maintain your clients' business continuity and quickly restore it in case of a data loss or ransomware incident.

Attend this practical session and learn how to add more strategic value to your client relationships with a rock-solid data protection strategy.

This must-attend session is for technical leaders and teams. It will include specific strategies and how-tos that you can implement immediately to evaluate and improve your clients' data loss prevention strategies and mitigate your shared risk.

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