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Social Media & Greek: The new language every Church and Marketplace Leader needs to learn to reach people online today!
Overnight, the language for every Pastor and Church leader has changed. It's not English, Spanish or French. It's the language of Digital/Online/Social Media communications.

Understanding the terms, the metrics, the analytics, the audience, the platforms, etc. is absolutely critical to your leadership and organization!

Topics will include:

1. ABCs - The Alphabets of digital communication

2. What platforms make sense for your Church/Business?

3. Reading the scoreboard - Understanding if you're digital strategy is winning or losing

4. Evergreen content - How to repurpose your offline content for digital engagement

5. Don't be a copycat - Identifying your audience and finding your unique voice

6. Social Media Marketing - Dollars and Sense

7. Beyond the lends - Producing authentic, impactful video content

8. Analytics 101 - Don't fly blind!

9. Digital Funnel - A multi-step approach to disciple-making

10. Professional grade - Resources and tools that are best-in-class

Webinar Guests:
- Matt Brown, Founder of Thinke Eternity
- Jon Groves, Digital Missions
- Malachi OBrien, Doctor of Digital Ministry
- Grayson Bearden, Pastor, Digital Church (2 Million digital followers)


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