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Church & Government: How Churches can serve as 'Essential Services' to your community in partnership with Government during COVID19 and beyond
Join this conversation with Pastors, Government Officials, and Non-profit agencies from the US and Canada!

The COVID19 pandemic and its economic 'side-effects' serve as the backdrop for an opportunity for the Church and local elected officials to work together to meet the needs of those in our cities. This webinar brings together leaders from the Church and the Government to have a conversation about effective Church-Government collaboration to serve our communities!

Topics will include:

- Perspective - Understanding the effects of COVID19 for the Church and for Government

- Essential - The services that are essential to communities during the pandemic

- Terms - Why language and terms matter for effective collaboration

- Unique - How Churches can identify the unique needs of their local community

- Creativity - Creative ways of serving the needs and bringing hope to families in your city

- Funding - How to access government funding for community services and why fundraising campaigns matter.

- Community Tables - How Church leaders can bring community agencies, businesses, and elected officials together

- One Church - How to work as 'One Church' in a city/town

- Protocols - Why 'how' we do 'what' we do matters, especially during a pandemic.

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