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The Value of Design - Tips for Staying Competitive in an Uncertain Market
With the ongoing pandemic keeping millions of people at home, the value of intelligent, attractive, and functional interior spaces - both shared and private - is clearer now than ever before. The right interior design strategy can improve the safety of individual units and common areas, as well as increasing their value - both important considerations in this period of stress and uncertainty. Join us for this interesting, informative event where our expert panel will explore the tangible benefits of rethinking your building interiors, including better health and safety, smoother day-to-day operations, and increased property values, as well as intangibles such as resident engagement and morale. We will also discuss how to make impactful interior upgrades on a limited budget, as well as important public health protocols for the contractors and vendors working in your building.

Sponsored by: Sygrove Associates Design Group Inc.


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