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Personalize Learning for All Students - "Reignite Your Passion for Teaching"
We all decided to go into teaching because we get excited when we see students grow and make progress toward their learning goals. We want to leverage students' interests and passions in order to empower them to become their own stewards of learning. Creating choice and room for agency in our students' learning experience helps build classroom communities focused on not just one path to success, but many. This webinar features how teachers can do just that!


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Maggie Harris
Instructional Design Coach @Forward Edge
Maggie Harris is an Instructional Design Coach at Forward Edge. Prior to this role, Maggie taught middle school English Language Arts at an urban charter school in Columbus, Ohio where she still resides. Now, she works as a coach in a Pk-12 district serving over 3,000 students. She is passionate about helping teachers create engaging and equitable lessons that leverage technology. She has presented at both OETC and ISTE. Outside of work, Maggie plays sand volleyball and soccer and enjoys baking.
Matthaeus Huelse
Instructional Design Coach @Forward Edge
Matthaeus Huelse is an Instructional Design Coach at Forward Edge, with a passion for using authentic resources, inquiry based education, and a background in foreign language teaching. He has worked with K-12 students, as well as adult learners, to create engaging lessons, focused on fostering communities of lifelong learners. Outside of teaching he takes pride in his work as a soccer coach and woodworking.