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Hot TechTakes: Cyber Sense vs. Cyber Nonsense — Debunking the Myths About Cybersecurity For Your Business
Are you having trouble figuring out whether the cybersecurity advice you're getting is just someone trying to sell you stuff? Do you ever wonder if you really need to pay for certain tools, or whether it is just fear mongering?

Join us on June 15th as we bring some sense to the cybersecurity world. You'll learn how to sift through the cyber "nonsense" so that you don't end up paying for tools or services you don't need, while also gaining a firm understanding of cybersecurity best practices.

Get ready to debunk some common cybersecurity myths with Brendan and Jermaine!

Who should attend:
- Business Leaders
- Managers
- Team Leaders

Webinar hosts:
- Brendan Howe, CEO and Owner of Techify Inc.
- Jermaine Clark, VP of Operations for Techify Inc.


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