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McGuffin Mornings Presents: How Micromoments Make a Big Impact in CX
Marketers are taught to think about the big picture, but there’s plenty of magic in the details — especially when it comes to the thousands of ways customers can interact with your brand every day. What happens when these customer experience “micromoments” go ignored?

Join us for our next McGuffin Mornings with Jeannie Walters, CCXP, founder and CEO of Experience Investigators. Jeannie challenges us to think about each interaction customers have with our brands and how easily the impact of those moments is overlooked. We’ll discuss why micromoments are so important, the data behind this thinking and how to identify opportunities in your own brand’s customer journeys to make meaningful change.

Session will be followed by audience Q&A, so please bring your questions. RSVP now; seats are limited. For questions, comments or cancellations please email danielle.f@mcguffincg.com


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